Meet Daniel Lichtman, MA
Psychotherapist and Toxic Relationships Expert

Daniel Lichtman (White) MA (Couns Psych)

Daniel Lichtman MA (Couns Psych)

I am an experienced psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology and have years of advanced training as a relationship therapist.

For the last 15 years, I have a full time private psychotherapy and counseling practice based in both Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia. From there I also service clients all over the Asia pacific region, Europe and the United States.

I spent the last 10 years specifically focused on helping people make a stand against drama and bullying and toxic relationships whether with their current or ex-partners, or parents or family members.

I challenge and guide my clients to build and sustain successful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships (starting with the one with themselves).

With fierceness, humour and humility, I champion client’s cause.

My focus is working with professionals who encounter interpersonal relationship challenges in all domains.

My clients include hedge fund managers, CEOs and CFOs of major international firms, models, actors, business owners homeless people, bankers, pilots, corporate lawyers, teachers, medical professionals, military personnel and rabbis.

I have never come across a man with such fire in his heart! His eyes penetrate right through you and he has the ability to see your true self. Daniel is one of the most loving, devoted, caring individuals I have ever worked with.

David G, Teacher, Boulder, CO

He’s a gifted leader and men’s coach. He has razor sharp insights, and always delivers them with strength and gentleness. His personal integrity, and willingness to share and live what he teaches, has helped me to be a more open, loving, and stronger man.

Rick J – Director eLearning Services, Denver, CO

Working with Daniel has been life changing. He exudes “living in the moment”. Just sitting next to him, I sense a calm within myself that I’ve not known otherwise. The weeks that I spent in group work with Daniel have shown me more of myself than I ever could have imagined, and I am better for it.

Nathan W CEO of Outsource Locally Boulder, CO

Working with Daniel continues to be an incredibly valuable and important part of my life. He is an incredibly skillful listener, full of empathy and authenticity. Through his sharp insights and caring support, he has helped me make sense of my life experiences and behaviors while providing me with the hope and mental tools required to better myself. I strongly believe that anybody seeking a life coach, therapist or guide would be very well served by seeing Daniel (either individually or as part of a men’s group)

G.T IT support in Banking, Hong Kong

Daniel has a rare gift for facilitating meaningful connections in the moment — felt experiences rather than mental concepts. These experiences show rather than tell couples how they can create more authentic, intimate, and satisfying relationships.

Allison C, Consultant, Cleveland, OH

Daniel is extremely skilled at inviting both men and women to deepen into more intimacy and connection with each other, even amidst conflict or painful emotions. His style is a beautiful mix of friendly and compassionate but also powerful and directive

Lara I – Dating coach

His laser-sharp skills pick up on the subtle, yet incredibly vital, cues that lead to real transformation, unfolding, and ability to relate deeply and authentically. I highly recommend Daniel for anyone who is looking to heal, transform, or simply go deeper in their romantic relationships and connection with others.

Krista B Designer, Boulder, CO

Daniel has a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed style, making you feel instantly at ease in his company and trusting of his confidence. Spending time with him was like opening the curtains to our relationship, allowing us to see with clarity what our individual and collective needs and requirements are, and also to understand what buttons to try to avoid pressing, and how to deal with it when they sometimes, inevitably, get pressed. Our time with Daniel has been extremely rewarding and we’d like to thank him for all his listening, coaching and imparted wisdom

B & N Investment Banking HK

Experienced Relationship Specialist

I’ve been a psychological health professional since 2002.

Daniel White and Wife

With my wife Shelly and daughter Maddie

I spend several hundred hours each year doing extensive training in the latest therapeutic and coaching modalities, in order to keep up with the cutting edge healing methods.

My expertise weaves the combination of years of mindfulness training and buddhist psychology training with  advanced studies of cutting edge developmental neuroscience and attachment theory including Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy.

However, my own relationships are the real wellspring of my knowledge and wisdom. My experience as a committed husband, father, son and friend most heavily inform how I help others.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Registered Psychotherapist
* Australia

Masters of Transpersonal Counselling Psychology
Naropa University (Boulder, CO)

Psycho-biological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) (Level 2) Couple Therapist
PACT Institute (Los Angeles CA

Certified Gestalt Therapist (CGT)
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

Advanced Certificate in Emotional Focused Couple Therapy
OCFI Ottawa Family and Couples Institute (Canada)

Certificate in Transformational Coaching
Advanced Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training Program (San Fransisco, CA)

Certified Group Psychotherapist
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

EMDR Practitioner (Level 2)
EMDR institute (Jerusalem, Israel)

Certified Transformational Coach
Circling Institute, USA

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